Our Prayer Timing


7:30 PM at RUWI PCO Hall


7:30 PM at RUWI Chapel

St.Marthasmooni church,Ghala PCO Hall

Every saturday 8:00 PM


Friday - 8:00 PM at PCO Hall & Second Friday - 6:00 PM at ANNEXE HALL
PCO Hall

Passion Week - Maundy Thursday (Pessaha Services) on 17 April in PCO Hall.......Good Friday on 19 April @ Al Massa Hall, Rex Road Ruwi.....Easter Service 19 April @7:30pm PCO Hall Ruwi.... Come and be blessed....[ May 2, 2019 ]

Feast of Gheevarghese and " Aadhyaphala Lelam 02-05-2019 Thursday @ Ruwi PCO hall from 7:00pm to 11:15 pm, Come, Participate & be blessed